Corporate Products


The Corporate Banking Division of Societe Generale Ghana Bank is structured to focus on the banking needs of Corporate customers and prospects. This Division ensures that excellent banking services are provided to Large Local & Multi- National corporate customers in a professional manner to develop thriving business relationship.

The Corporate Banking Division has been segmented into different departments to ensure complete relationship with our customers. These  departments are:

  • Business Banking
  • Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Department
  • Business Credit Administration/Finance Lease Department
  • International Business Centre,
  • Structured Finance

With our wide-area network, customers have the ease of transacting business from any of our strategically located branches across Ghana.
 The team of CARMS have competence and expertise covering all major sectors of business including:

  • Haulage/Transport/Warehouse financing
  • Extractive Sectors such as Mining & Quarry
  • Energy: Oil, Gas, and support services
  • Commerce & Finance, including Micro Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Agro Processing
  • Services : Education, Printing etc
  • Construction Financing: Road, Warehouse, and Real Estate
  • Utilities: Electricity, Water, Telecommunication etc.