Sound Cash


Do you worry about what would happen if you lost your bank card or cheque book?
What if it was stolen? What if you lost your keys and important documents along with it?

Put your mind at ease with Sound cash, the new means of payment protection insurance offered uniquely by Societe Generale Ghana in partnership with Allianz Insurance company limited.

  • Reimbursement for any financial loss suffered. You will get up to a maximum of GHS1,000 to cover payments and withdrawals made with debit card or cheques which have been lost or stolen. As well as the cost for replacing your cards and chequebook.
  • Reimbursement for the cost of replacing identity papers and keys lost or stolen along with your card/cheque:
- Up to GHS100 for replacing any identity documents; identity card, permanent residence permit, work permit, drivers licence, vehicle ownership documents, passport etc.
- Up to GHS150 for the cost of the replacing your keys or device or object that keeps your (rented or owned) car or the door of your home (permanent address) locked.  
  • You can subscribe for one year and renew the contract after that, if you choose.
  • Enjoy having this unique single insurance coverage for all your payment methods.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have coverage in case you incur financial losses from the fraudulent use of your cards or cheque book:
                                - Even if your pin is used.
                                - Even if the misuse happened out of Ghana.
                                - Even before you notice the loss ot theft (up to one week between the time of misuse and  
                                  you noticing and reporting)                 

  •      You will have access to a dedicated, professional help desk for claims.
  •      Be assured that you claims will be processed swiftly - guaranteed response within 48hours.
  • Be a Societe Generale Ghana customer.
  • Have either a Societe Generale Ghana VISA Express or Gold card.
  • Have a cheque book (savings withdrawal booklets are not included).
What to do in case of loss or theft of your card or cheque book:

  • Make a report to the bank for the card or cheque book to be blocked immediately.
  • Follow up with a written confirmation letter.  
  • Make a report at the nearest police station.

For claims, you can simply contact Allianz:
Call: 026 686 6008

Terms and conditions apply.
Find out more about Sound Cash today. Simply visit any Societe Generale Ghana branch or call the Contact Centre on 0302 214 314.