Gold Card

If you need to have access to your money as your travel around the world and/or prefer to shop online with ease and safety, as well as enjoy extended daily limits, the VISA Gold card is perfect for you!

  • Your Gold card can be linked to your savings or current account.
  • You can use it everywhere in the world.
  • You will have high daily limits for both payments and withdrawals.
  • Your card offers the advantage of “Verified by Visa” for secure on-line payments.
  • Your card will be chip based and a transaction can only be authorized with the correct Personal. Identification Number (PIN) ensuring secure transactions with the card.
  • You, as a card holder, along with your spouse and children can access free medical insurance. worth up to 30,000 EURO for all trips in Ghana and abroad which are paid for with your card. This is necessary to get visas to schengen countries.
  • Your card provides access to free medical and legal referral services.

What kind of operations can you perform using your VISA Gold debit card?
  • Withdraw cash from all Societe Generale Ghana ATMs and VISA ATMS both in Ghana and abroad.
  • Perform balance enquiries for linked account on ATM, obtain mini statement both on-screen and in print outs.
  • Pay for goods and services at merchant outlets using POS terminals both in the country and abroad.
  • Shop online with “Verified by Visa” additional security.

  • National and Worldwide acceptance.
  • 24-hour /7 customer service.
  • Extended daily limits for payment and withdrawal.
  • Free access to mini statements and account balance.
  • Free medical insurance for travels.
  • Highly secure.

To get your VISA Gold card, visit any Societe Generale Ghana branch or call 0302 214 314 to find out more!