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Privilege Safe Deposit Box


This facility provides you a highly secure environment for the safe keeping of items and documents you consider valuable and difficult to replace if lost or damaged.

Access to a rented box requires successful verification of the renter’s access card, Personal Identification Number (PIN), fingerprint and physical keys.

You have the opportunity to rent a safe deposit box in a top security vault to store items such as:
  • Jewelry
  • Family treasures
  • Gold or silver coins
  • Wills
  • Certificates
  • Back up tapes

  • Three levels of verification to access box contents – card, PIN and fingerprint.
  • You will be the sole key holder. The bank will not retain any copies of keys.
  • Unlimited access during normal banking hours (weekdays from 8:30am to 4:00pm).
  • You can rent boxes for unlimited periods or when needed.
  • Joint access rights can be configured.
  • You can get insurance on box contents.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your valuables are stored in a safe, secure place and protected from loss, theft, floods and/or fire.
  • Utmost privacy and confidentiality of box contents.
  • You define the value of items in your Safe Deposit Box and you enjoy some insurance cover
  • Choose from 4 different box sizes to meet your needs.
  • Access your box at anytime during banking hours and enjoy the option to manage your box contents as you prefer.

  • Be a Privilege Banking customer or an account holder with a satisfactory record of operating your account.
  • Own any Societe Generale Ghana bank card.
Just walk into any branch and speak to the Branch manager or call us on 0302 214 314.