Day to Day



Do you need up-to-date, firsthand information on your account related activities?
Enjoy the convenience of receiving such information on your mobile phone with Sikatext.

Sikatext is an efficient SMS alert service that enables you stay in control of your account by sending you SMS notifications of all transactions that occur on your account.

The service is simple, convenient and easy to use. Start now!


You receive SMS notifications on the following:
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Cheque withdrawals
  • Cash deposits
  • Salary payments
  • Clearing cheques
  • Funds transfers
  • Loan disbursement
  • … and all movements on your account.

  • Avoid frequent branch visits for basic enquiries on your account.
  • Keep track of salary payments and other credits on your account.
  • Quickly detect any debit on your account.
  • Know your outstanding account balance after account movements are executed.

To subscribe to Sikatext, just walk into any branch and complete a Sikatext application form.  You can also call 0302 214 314 to find out more today.