Societe Generale Ghana in association with VISA offers a range of debit cards known as the  Societe Generale Ghana VISA CARDS. 

These highly secured debit cards which come with electronic chip and magnetic strips can be conveniently used at all VISA branded ATMs and Point of Sale terminals worldwide depending on the type of card subscribed to. These cards allow the cardholders to make transactions with ease by offering a 24/ 7 a week access to his account. There are four basic cards namely: 

Privilege card
The Privilege Card is an international card which can be used at all VISA accepting ATMs and outlets in Ghana and abroad.  The Privilege Card holder has access to added services like discounts at some merchant locations which are announced at regular basis. The highly secured card offers convenience and 24 hour, 7 days access to one’s account from all Merchant POS and ATM points. The Privilege Card has the highest withdrawal limit at the ATMs.

Priority Card
This is a Visa Electron Card produced specifically for the Priority Customer. As an international card it allows usage both in Ghana and abroad on all VISA accepting ATMs and merchant points. Added benefits such as discounts at merchant outlets and rebates on some service offerings are available to the Priority Card holder at regular intervals. Key benefits from this card include convenience, security and round the clock access to your funds.

Express card
The Express Card is a Visa Electron debit card designed for Current Account holders.  The card which can be used only in Ghana affords the holder convenience in accessing his funds from a wide spread of VISA branded merchants and ATM points across the country 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Saver card
The Saver Card is a Visa Electron debit card designed for the Savings Account holders. The card can be used only in Ghana via a wide spread network of merchant and ATM points across the country.

 “ Societe Generale Ghana VISA CARDS, take your money wherever you go”

Societe Generale Ghana also offers the E-zwich smart card which is a new and secure way of paying for goods and services throughout the country based on biometric (fingerprint) identification 

  • It is safe and secure since the money on the card can only be accessed using your fingerprint
  • It is very convenient since you don’t need to carry huge sums of money around to be used to make payments
  • Loading money onto the card can be done at any of our branches
  • You can use the card to transfer money to other users
  • Its very easy to attain a card, just walk into any of our branches and within 10 minutes, you can have access to an e-zwich smart card
  • You do not need to have an account with us before you can pick up a card from us