Non-Residence Service

In an effort to further improve our services to our existing and potential customers’ resident abroad,  Societe Generale Ghana Limited has set up a NON-RESIDENTS Department.

The Department caters for all their financial service requirements in terms of personal advisory services and asset management. This is in support of the Bank’s effort to meet the needs of its customers, harness remittances to increase its deposits as well as for economic development from Ghanaians residing abroad.

Who is a Non-Resident Customer?
A Ghanaian or foreign citizen having ties or business entities in Ghana but resides outside the shores of the country for an indefinite time period is a Non-Resident (NRE). Individuals, who are on business visits, medical treatment, studying purposes for specific period of stay, are not considered as NREs. However, students who are studying abroad within an uncertain period, which is likely to exceed 180 days in the preceding financial year, are treated as Non-Residents.

For existing NRE customers
Customers are assured that banking activities with their respective Branches will remain intact. The Department will help maintain communication flow and find effective ways of reaching out to treasured customers both far and near.

Please contact the undersigned for further discussions at your earliest convenience:

Mrs. Gladys G. Osei
Desk Officer, Non-Residents Department
Societe Generale Ghana Limited - Premier Towers
P. O. Box 13119 Accra, Ghana
Tel :(00 233) 302 67 05 91 / (00 233) 302 66 71 46 Ext. 119


Nana Kofi Bame
Privilege Banking
 Societe Generale Ghana – Premier Towers
P. O. Box 13119 Accra, Ghana
Tel  (00 233) 302 66 71 46