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Finance leasing

Finance Leasing provides a medium/long term financing arrangement where the underlying asset is owned by the Financier/Bank [Lessor], and the borrower [Lessee/Customer] has the full economic use of the assets financed. Thus the asset financed remains the primary security under a Finance Lease.

Under the SG Ghana Finance Lease arrangement, the customer [Lessee] chooses the asset [vehicle, equipment etc.], and the bank as Lessor provides funding based on mutually agreed terms. The Lessee will be required to make periodic rental payments over the lease tenor for the use of the asset. The bank may finance new acquisitions or refinance under sale-lease back arrangement.


  • Speedy processing
  • Competitive pricing and comprehensive insurance cover over asset.
  • The SG Ghana Finance lease allows customers to use the asset or equipment of their choice for a specific periodic payment [rental].
  • You can choose from a wide range of brand new assets/ equipment, including: Passenger cars, Trucks, Generator sets, Industrial and manufacturing equipment.
  • The rental payment may be monthly, quarterly etc. dependent on the cash flow of the borrowing customer.
  • Customers have unrestrictive use of the asset/ equipment during the term of lease and have the option to purchase the equipment at residual value at the end of the lease period.
  • Leasing offers alternative flexible medium term finance for acquisition of assets/equipment.