Finance Leasing

Enjoy Unrestricted Access to Assets and Equipments

Finance lease allows you to make use of assets/equipment owned by the bank for a specific repayment period. Through this convenient arrangement, you will have acess to.a wide range of assets and equipments.

 At the end of the period of the lease term, you can purchase the asset at a reduced cost.





Simply choose the type of asset you need for your business and present the Pro-forma invoice to the bank. You can choose from a wide range of brand new assets/equipment, including:

 • Passenger cars (saloons, pick-ups, SUVs)

• Trucks

• Generator sets

• Industrial and manufacturing equipment

For more information on Finance Leasing, contact the SG Ghana Corporate team on +233(0)302-202001 ext 2160  or at ccob@socgen.com


  • Rental payments are structured according to your business cash flow
  • Choose the most convenient duration for your repayments (up to 60 months).
  • Use o f the asset/equipment is unrestricted during the lease term.
  • Have the option of purchasing the asset/equipment at the end of the repayment period.