Import trade services


Societe Generale Ghana provides the following import trade services to facilitate imports of goods by our esteemed customers:

  • Import Documentary Bills for Collection: The Bank acts to collect and receive documents and instructions from banks or suppliers abroad (exporters).  Societe Generale Ghana then acts on the instructions by forwarding the documents to the importer (our customer) and receiving payments from the importer on behalf of the exporter.  Societe Generale Ghana then remits the monies to the exporter through its specified correspondent bank.
  • Outward Documentary Credit: At the request and in accordance with the instructions of our customer, the Bank undertakes to pay a specified exporter on behalf of the customer (the importer) if the exporter presents certain specified documents and adhere to a set of predetermined terms and conditions.
  • Bill of lading indemnity facility:Where our cherished customer’s shipping documents are delayed for the clearance of goods at the ports, Societe Generale Ghana can assist by issuing Bill of Lading Indemnities to the Shipping Company to enable customers to clear the goods.