Visa Business Card


Just focus on the deals, and enjoy convenient purchasing, when you and your teams use the SG Ghana Visa Business Card for making payments for goods and services in Ghana and abroad.


  • Greater Financial Control – With the Visa Business Card, your company can monitor spending, set spending limits and manage cash flow more.
  • Purchasing Flexibility – Your business need not depend only on cash or cheques for payment.
  • Online Convenience – The Visa business card makes it easy to purchase goods and services electronically with just a few clicks.
  • Valuable Services and Protection – Your company can enjoy additional services and benefits from Visa, like the medical and legal referral services. Visa offers a 24hour, 365 days a year medical and legal referral service to support cardholders and their immediate family who are travelling together to another country for up to 90 days. International SOS staff are always available with additional support accessible in more than 65 languages.
  • Worldwide Acceptance – Use the card at millions of locations worldwide and throughout the Visa global ATM and POS networks. 

  • Security – Higher security with a chip and PIN feature. Card can be cancelled when lost at anytime in any part of the world, using the Visa Global Emergency assistance service.

  • “One Time Password” to ensure secure online payment transactions. You will be given a unique one time password with each online transaction.


You must be a business customer of SG Ghana.

To find out more please contact sgghana.gtb@socgen.com or call on 0302 208 600 to find out more