Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Factoring! The Only Of Its Kind In Ghana

This allows businesses (i.e. the seller)  to sells its trade debts/accounts receivables to the bank (i.e. the factor).

The factor pays the seller a percentage of the invoice value (usually 80%) and assumes ownership and full responsibility for the debt.

The remainder of the invoice amount, less the actor’s fee,sis paid to the seller when the debt has been fully paid.

Under a factoring operation, the seller benefits from at least two of the following services:

Financing of assigned accounts receivables materialised in invoices.

Account receivables management

Account receivables collection

Protection against debtor risk of non-payment (i.e. credit insurance)

As the only one of its kind in Ghana, the SocieteGenerale Ghana Factoring service has been designed to allow you reduce your outstanding receivable and improve cash flow.

To find out more about Factiring, call Richmond Twum-Barimah on +233(0)577665174 or +233(0)302-202001 (ext 2160)


1. An optimum way to meet your working capital needs:

  • Manage your working capital according to your financial business needs
  • Pay your suppliers faster and get rebates
  • Finance the development of your business easily 

2. Get a guarantee against defaults from your debtors approved by SG Ghana:

  • Protect your profitability and secure your development
  • Be in charge; be more reactive

3. Management of invoices by SG Ghana

Simplify the management of your receivables

  • Limit the administrative tasks. Get focused on sales 

4. Transfer of receivables

  • Send stamped invoices to SG Ghana

5. An internet platform as your interface

  • Interact on a secure platform
  • Follow-up on real time transactions with ease, anytime you choose

6. Selling and invoicing

  • You include a payment clause in favour of SG Ghana when you invoice your customer. 

7. Guarantee and financing

  • After validation, your account will be credited with the amount according to the contract.
  • The balance will then be available at any time.
  • The credit is done within 24hours.

8. Collecting payment

  • If the invoices are not paid within the contractual delay, SG Ghana will handle the collection.

 9. Payment

  • SG Ghana receives the money from your customer and gives you the remaining amount less the charges of the transaction