Platinum Card

Let your card do all the talking

It’s time to make the ultimate statement about your premium lifestyle with an SG Ghana Visa Platinum card and enjoy a world of premium experiences and benefits to suit your status.

Platinum User Guide


Get your card: Call 0302214314 of visit a branch to find out how.


  • Contactless enabled – Just “Tap-and-go” to make payments 
  • Make payments online and at P.O.S locally and internationally
  • Free withdrawals from SG Ghana ATMs
  • Access mini statements from SG Ghana ATMs
  • Receive “One Time Passwords” to when making payments to ensure extra security
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Enjoy four Lounge visits in a year
  • Extended daily limits for payments and withdrawals
  • Free extra insurance against theft/accidental damage on goods bought with your card
  • Access a myriad of discounts and rewards on offer from VISA at www. Visa.com