Sound Farewell

Celebrating A Life Well Lived With Ease

No matter how old you are, or the stage of life you have reached, planning for the future is a sound choice.

This funeral plan takes the burden of expensive funeral costs off your family.

Sound Farewell is offered in partnership with Prudential Life Insurance Ghana 


Find out more about Sound Farewell Plan today. Simply visit any Societe Generale Ghana branch or call the Contact Centre on +233(0)302 214 314.

Ts & Cs apply


  • Choose a payout option of GHS 5,000, GHS 10,000 or GHS 15,000.

  • Insure your spouse, children, siblings, parents, step-parents and/or in-laws.

  • Get premium payments on your policy waived if the policy holder should die before or at the age of 65. However, all the insured lives will continue to be entitled to their benefits under the policy.

  • Get your premium refunded if the insured life dies while the policy is active and is within its waiting period.

  • Get cash back if you don’t claim. 12% of your total premium will be refunded every five years if your policy is active and you haven’t made any claims.

  • Feel cushioned knowing that an additional 5% of your total premium will be given to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

  • Get 4% of the sum assured once ever calendar year, if hospitalized in a health facility recognised by the Ministry of Health for a consecutive period of at least 3 days (excluding childbirth).

  • In the event that an insured life dies through an accident a lump sum which is twice the sum assured agreed in the schedule of benefits will be paid to the beneficiary/beneficiaries. The waiting period clause does not apply to this benefit.