Retail Products

Finance leasing


This is a flexible medium term finance which allows you to make use of an asset (e.g. vehicles, generators etc.) owned by  Societe Generale Ghana for a specific term of payment period.

Customer has unrestrictive use of the asset/equipment during the term of the lease. 

Target customers

Mass affluent and Top affluent


  • Customers working with SG Ghana listed companies
  • Customers working with companies that have Institutional Loan agreements
  • Customers with gearing ratio less than 40%


  •  Customers’ application letter must however be supported by the following documents:       
  • Application letter
  • A letter from employer to channel all employee salary through the bank or evidence of cash flows to pay rental on due dates.
  • Invoice from supplier/vendor of equipment


  • Subscription of insurance is compulsory. All vehicles will be comprehensively insured.