Merchant / POS Acquiring

The SG Ghana  Point of Sale (P.O.S) Terminal offers card holders a safer and easier way to pay for goods and services.It is a secure alternative for merchants – a cost-effective and a convenient method of receiving guaranteed payment.

The service enables payment with electronic cash on any VISA OR MASTERCARD credit or debit card from any part of the world in either GHS or USD.

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  • Electronic cash  from POS payments are settled in the merchant's designated account.
  • Minimize the risk of theft and robbery by reducing cash in till.
  • Adds to merchant’s payment options and customer service quality and ensures customer retention.
  • Opens up new customer segments for the merchant.
  • Free and prompt merchant support services such as P.O.S statements, on-site training, 24/7 access to support service hotlines for prompt resolution of related issues.


Find out more about the Societe Generale Ghana Merchant And POS Acquiring. Simply visit any branch or Call +233 (0) 0302-208600. Ts & Cs apply

To sign on to the SG Ghana Merchant services:

Pass site visit criteria of the bank

Have  a business account with the bank

Sign the merchant agreement with the bank

Merchant POS is set up and tested 

POS is deployed at merchant’s location (s) and your designated staff will be trained 

Receive welcome notice

Please note who qualifies as a merchant - a  business entity that accepts payment with Visa/MasterCard branded cards from consumers in exchange for goods sold and services rendered.


To find out more call 0302 202 001(EXT:2249/2085)