Easy, Fast, Safe!

Use SG Ghana mobile banking app, Connect, to make local transfers from your phone 24/7, at your convenience.

Transfers can be made from SG Ghana account to SG Ghana account or to accounts with other banks at very affordable rates.

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Step into any of SG Ghana’s 40 branches to send funds at no cost.

Find out more about Transfers. Simply visit any branch or call the Contact Centre on +233(0)302-214 314.

Ts & Cs apply

Be in control of your funds and your future.

Make transfers of funds across SocieteGenerale Ghana’s branch network at no cost. It is easy and very convenient.

Transfer of funds to other banks, both in Ghana and abroad, is also available at affordable rates.

Find out more about, making Transfers at SocieteGenerale Ghana today! Simply visit any branch or call 0302 214 314 now.

 Terms and Conditions apply