Electronic banking

Sogecashnet Internet Banking

Remote banking service via the internet 24/7

  • Access for consultation of unlimited number of accounts and downloading of accounting statements.
  • Secure access with identifier and password generated by TOKEN.
  • Access for consultation of accounts in other banks
  • Domestic and international payments in multiple currencies.
  • Flexible system of user access rights management; simple and double signature of orders.
  • Bilingual and friendly interface.

Designed to fit the needs of:

  • Multinationals
  • Large companies
  • Structured SMEs

Sogecashweb International Cash Management services via the Internet

Monitoring and management of bank accounts in multiple countries.

  • Tablet and smartphone access to Sogecash Web mobile app.
  • Multilingual interface - French, English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Automatic alerts - bank to client
  • Customisable dashboard to give a complete, high-level overview of your accounts and payment orders.
  • Centralized access to accounts indifferent countries
  • Single set of signatures for management of several legal entities accounts
  • Direct control over subsidiaries banking operations

Designed to fit the needs of:

  • Multinational companies, regional groups or treasury centres enabling a central access to accounts in different countries (SG Banks or other banks)
  • To oversee and process transactions remotely on these accounts.

Sogecash SFTP

File Transmission Service via secure International Protocol

  • Host to host solution allowing you to transfer and receive files directly with the bank
  • Consultation of accounting statements
  • Secure sending of payment
  • Simplification of accounting reconciliation with automatic integration of account statements.
  • 3SKey utilization for signature.
  • Compliant with: SWIFT MT101, SWIFT, MT940/942, XML pain.001.001.03
  • International protocol, flexible and compliant with banking communication software and ERP.