Bank On Innovation ...

The SG Ghana Innov8 was launched to foster and facilitate the development and growth of ideas in collaboration with players within the Ghanaian innovative ecosystem. Société Générale is committed towards improving customer relations and experience through solutions that makes bank services more friendly to our customers.

The hub is designed to be user friendly in order to stimulate design thinking, creativity and technological innovation during meeting, discussions, training sessions and more.

SG Ghana Innov8 

  • Develops and experiments new, disruptive and out-of-the-box ideas that will increase productivity and create new lines of business
  • Connects and partners with local ecosystem to source and support local solutions / entrepreneurs
  • Develops relationships with leading Ghanaian Universities, Governmental innovation agencies and programs such as the SDG
  • Contributes to the digital transformation of SGGH (expose to new ideas, methods, tools, etc.) 
  • Develops synergies with Société Générale group’s innovation ecosystem

Through Innov8, we have established collaborations with high potential start-ups, Universities, Innovation agencies and even with ad hoc team of bank staff/partner corporate companies staff towards the goal of supporting and establishing innovative technologies in Ghana.

We welcome new innovative ideas especially within the Ghanaian ecosystem. For more information call +233 302 202009