Sound Cash

Card Protection insurance, Protect your cards, cheque books and more

Worried about losing your Express, Gold and/or Platinum cards as well as your chequebook?

Sound Cash insures against financial loss of up to GHS 4,000 resulting from fraudulent payments/withdrawals made with your lost or stolen card or chequebook

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Choose Sound Cash (underwritten by Allianz) to protect your cards and chequebook.

Find out more about the Societe Generale Ghana Sound Cash.  Simply visit any branch or call the Contact Centre on +233 (0) 302-214 314. Ts & Cs apply


You will enjoy:

       •  Reimbursement for any financial losses incurred(max GHS 4000) 

       •  Free card and/or chequebook replacement when it is stolen

       •  Coverage between the moment of loss or theft and when SG Ghana is notified (but not beyond 1 week after the theft or loss)

       •  Reimbursement for the cost of replacing I.D cards/papers and keys, lost or  stolen along with the cards and chequebook


Choose Sound Cash – Card Protection Insurance (underwritten by Allianz Insurance):

  •            up to GHS 100 for the replacement of I.D documents/cards,  permanent residence permit, work permit, driver’s license, vehicle ownership documents, passport etc
  •        up to GHS150 for the replacement of keys, devices or objects which serve the purpose of locking and unlocking mechanisms of a door of your permanent address and your vehicles, whether owned, leased or used by you for your private use.


  • Swift processing of claims
  • Coverage even if your PIN was used
  • Coverage as you globetrot