Bank On Arts ...

For over 25 years, Societe Generale has supported contemporary art by collecting works from emerging and established artists from across the world, spanning over 1,200 pieces.

This collection is shared with the public through partnerships with cultural and educational institutions, and by organising tours and exhibitions, for the public, students, staff of the bank, partners, and clients. Every year, the Group's General Management and staff contribute on the decision to add new artworks to the Collection.

Formerly known as ARTIVITY, The second iteration of ARTENT!ON almalgamates the realms of purposeful artistry and environmental sustainability. The initiative will create a platform for the conversation, collaboration, partnership and development with stakeholders within the space. The bank aims to set an example of partnership and support for the industry in Ghana and Africa in facilitating growth.

The initiative will run four programmes;

  • Sustainability through Arts Challenge: This will focus on two aspects; Discovering emerging talent and Business Coaching and Training in practical business management;
  1. Discovering emerging talents: Each participant will ingeniously repurpose materials such as plastic, leather, fabric, wood and notably metal into artistic innovation.
  2. Business Coaching and Training will be facilitated by Societe Generale Ghana's Home of Business. Participants will undergo practical business and management training to develop well-structured and sustainable businesses. Paticipants will be required to submit business proposals with their artwork.
  • Artlogue: A platform that aims to facilitate conversation between the bank, and other financial institutions, with professionals in the Visual Arts space, to discuss mutual and unique challenges facing the industries and how partnerships can be formed to facilitate growth in the space.

  • Masterclass: This will bring together participants and partners in a symbiotic learning experience, exchanging information and experiences, to create new opportunities, give fresh ideas on the business of art, and offer strategies for growth in the industry.

  • Art Talk & Gallery/Studio Visit: Participants of the challenge will have the opportunity to visit the galleries and studio spaces of two established professionals in the visual arts space, give participants an overview of the business landscape and discuss the career journey of the professionals; their challenges, opportunities, failures, successes and lessons. By this, the participants will

In initiating this programme, the bank’s goals are,

  • To foster growth by adapting the bank's systems to the changing needs of its customers through conversation with industry stakeholders and professionals, to understand their challenges, and develop or introduce products tailored to meet the challenges.

  • Maintaining responsible and profitable growth through business development initiatives such as the ARTENT!ON Masterclass, to help participants of build structured, sustainable, and viable businesses.

  • Support, promote and foster growth in the art space as part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility focused on supporting local Art and Culture.

As usual, we will continue to count on your support to make this initiative a lasting success.