Taxes and Government Services

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GRA payments including, Taxes and Levies:-

• Customs Duty

• Domestic Tax Revenue Division (DTRD)

- Domestic Excise duty

- Value Added Tax (VAT)

- Communications Service Tax

- National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL)

- Ghana Education Trust Fund Levy

- Personal Income Tax

- Corporate Tax

- Mineral Royalties

- National Fiscal Stabilization Levy

- Gains on Realization & Capital Assets (Capital Gains Tax)

- Withholding Tax

- Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

- Gift Tax

Registrar General’s Department payments

Metropolitan, Municipal, District Assembly payments

Passports, Residence Permit, Fees and other National Identification payments

Other Payments

Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) , Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Tourism levy, Land title registration, Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), GIPC payments, National Communications Authority (NCA), Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).

Visit: www.ghana.gov.gh for a full list of participating government ministries and agencies.