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Get SOUND EDUFLEX INSURANCE PLAN for your child's Future

It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future. Sound Eduflex Plan is underwritten by Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited

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As a parent, you want to fulfil your children’s dreams by giving them the best education you can afford. The Sound Eduflex Plan enables you save towards achieving this goal and also ensures your children’s education continues no matter what life brings your way.



  • Death Benefit (natural or illness)

    Policy holder:
    Your child (ren) will receive 100% of the current sum assured at the time of death plus your current total savings

    You receive 50% of the current sum assured at the time of death

    Accidental Death:
    Your child (ren) receive 200% of the current sum assured in the event of death through a vehicular accident, before the policy maturity date
  • Permanent Disability Benefit
    You receive 100% of death benefit plus your current total savings
  • Temporary Disability Benefit
    You enjoy a non-payment of premiums for 6 months, while still remaining insured
  • Medical Expense Benefit
    In case your child (ren) get injured accidentally, you receive an amount up to a value of GHS1,000 based on medical expenses incurred.
    This benefit expires once the GHS1,000 is exhausted.
  • No Claims Cashback Benefit
    For every 24 months of being on cover without claiming, you enjoy 15% of the total premium paid within that period as a no claims cashback.
  • Maturity Benefit
    You receive total savings contributed.
  • Partial Withdrawal
    Enjoy up to 50% of your current total savings after the first 2 years of contribution, and once in a calendar year subsequently.
  • Surrender Benefit
    Enjoy current total contributions (less surrender charges and outstanding insurance premiums.)


Can I apply
You can apply if you are an SG Ghana customer  


Call: 0302 267 892 Email: bancassurancegh@allianz.com