Sound Cash


Worried about losing your Express, Gold and/or Platinum cards as well as your chequebook?

Sound Cash insures against financial loss of up to GHS 1,000 resulting from fraudulent payments/withdrawals made with your lost or stolen card or chequebook locally or abroad.

You will enjoy:

  • Reimbursement for any financial loses incurred(max GHS 1000)
  • Free card and/or chequebook replacement
  • Coverage between the moment of loss or theft and when SG Ghana is notified (but not beyond 1 week after the theft or loss)
  • Reimbursement for the cost of replacing I.D cards/papers and keys, lost or stolen along with the cards and chequebook
    • up to GHS 100 for the replacement of I.D documents/cards, permanent residence permit, work permit, driver’s license, vehicle ownership documents, passport etc
    • up to GHS150 for the replacement of keys, devices or objects which serve the purpose of locking and unlocking mechanisms of a door of your permanent address and your vehicles, whether owned, leased or used by you for your private use.

Choose Sound Cash – Card Protection Insurance (underwritten by Allianz Insurance)


  • Swift processing of claims
  • Coverage even if your PIN was used
  • Coverage as you globetrot


Find out more about Sound Cash , simply visit any branch or Call +233 (0) 302-214 314.

Ts&Cs apply



  • Comprehensive Insurance

    You will be covered for:
    • Accidents from a collision or overturning.
    • Fire, external explosion, self ignition or lighting
    • Theft or burglary 
    • Acts of God like floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
    • Replacement of windscreen and other glass damage.
    • Damage to properties owned by third parties.
    • Ecowas Brown Card - Allows you to get an extension of the local insurance cover so you have an automatic cover  whilst traveling in the Ecowas region.
  • Third Party
    • You will have the basic form of insurance required for all vehicle owners in Ghana.
    • You will be covered against liabilities if  damage or loss of property costing up to a maximum of GH¢ 2000.00 occurs against a third party. 


  • Be a Societe Generale Ghana customer.
  • Be a licensed driver