Sound Home


Sound Home is designed to cover the home you own or rent and its contents in case of flood, fire, theft or other natural disasters.



Enjoy very competitive rates and discounts as a result of being offered multiple policies in a single package.

Get full and extensive range of coverage.

Have peace of mind knowing that you are covered against loss and damage to your building and/or its contents.

Get compensation in case of permanent or temporary injury, disablement or even death arising from an accident at the insured home.

Choose Sound Home Insurance (underwritten by Allianz Insurance)



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Depending on your profile, you can choose one if the following packages.

Sound Home – Owner
If you live in your own home and want to insure it and its contents, you can get coverage for:

The contents
The building
Personal accident
Public liability

Sound Home – Tenants
If you rent the home you live in, you will get coverage for:

The contents
Personal accident
Public liability

Sound Home – Building
If you are a home owner who is not living in the home but have rented it out, you can get coverage for the:

Loss of rent

What coverage will you get?

  • Contents: You will be compensated for any loss or damage caused to the (declared) contents of your home.
  • Building: You will be compensated for any loss or damage caused to your insured building.
  • Personal accident: You will receive up to GHS 20,000 as compensation to cover you, your spouse and four children.
  • Public liability: Compensation will be provided to a member of the public or visitors who suffer bodily injuries and/or property damage whilst on your insured premises.
  • Loss of rent: You will be paid the cost of renting alternative accommodation that is reasonably priced for the period required to repair your house.
  • Rest assured knowing that all visitors to your insured home, who suffer an injury, will be compensated.


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